Two new albums coming up !

Yes, busy days :-)

The past couple of weeks I participated in two exhibitions, providing soundscapes for sculptures of Pieter Janssens. One in Antwerp, one in Brussels, both were a succes and a great experience. Scroll down for some pictures of the Antwerp exhibition, and here‘s an article and photos about the one in Brussels.

But there’s some new music coming as well!! Before the end of the year Xtraplex Records will release Soundtrack For A Disfunctional Landscape. My second release on this awesome label is a soundscape I created without any software-effects, so just guitar and my modest pedalboard. Here’s a preview.

And the nice people from Already Dead Tapes & Records, who by now should be recovered from their annual ADT&R Family Reunion, are releasing Low Serotonin in spring 2015. This EP (my second on this label as well) is a collaboration with Liam Coleman, a London-based electronic musician. We both used our guitar in this piece, to create a dreamy, slightly distorted soundscape, ‘proper headphone music’ as Liam calls it. There’s a preview on Liam’s soundcloudpage. Oh yeah, it’ll be on cassette!

Greetings all !

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In 1969 Zager and Evans sang “in the year 2525″, and in 2014 an exhibition with the same name runs in Antwerp, Belgium. As the name makes clear the theme is “Future”. Not science-fiction as seen on tv, but original visions of the future. Together with Pieter Janssens I participate in the expo – Pieter sculpted impressive concrete animals, and I coloured it with sound. Check 2525′s site for more info.




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New Album : Generative Stills

Yes, today my new mini-album is available through Bandcamp ! It’s called ‘Generative Stills’ and has almost 30 minutes of dark, glooming ambient alternated with some lighter tracks.

The album was created by programming generative compositions, which were ‘recorded’ – and thus in fact made ‘ungenerative’ – and used as a starting point for this record (GS1, GS2, and GS3). Snapshots of generative music, one could say, hence the title ‘Generative Stills’. In between are two regular recordings (IN1 and IN2). For some info about Generative Music visit

Available as name-your-price download or CDr, both through Bandcamp.

Thanks for the support everyone!

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Soon, new EP.

Within 2 weeks or so, I’ll be launching my newest album ‘Generative Stills’. I’m looking forward to it ! It will be a digital self-release with a limited edition on CDr. More info to be followed.

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‘Katharsis’ hits the world wide web

Yeah ! My latest EP ‘Katharsis’ has been launched tonight by Xtraplex Records ! They describe it quite fittingly.

“After the uptempo glittery glitch idm of Iameb 57 last month we have arrived in true mid-winter vibe with this short and serene piece of ambient awe. This time no beats or fancy triangles, no glitch or post binaural organism. With ‘Katharsis’ The Next Commuter returns to basic dreaming and explores for us the world of layered pads, soundscapes and distant natural atmospheres. Ideal for the desolate but imaginative post apocalyptic winter feeling we all sense every once in a while. A short soundtrack for a misty paradise.”

Get it here.

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‘Waiting to be Spoken to’ available

I’m very – very –  proud to announce that my EP ‘Waiting to be Spoken to’ is available henceforth. Go the (beautifully designed) Already Dead Tapes website to grab a copy of the (equally beautifully designed) tape. Only 40 copies, so don’t wait too long! Listen to the album right here.

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Two more days

Tuesday 06/11 my EP ‘Waiting to be Spoken to’ will be released at Already Dead Tapes & Records. It will be available as tape or as download. I’m really looking forward to it, and I already want to thank Josh Tabbia from ADT&R for his interest, hard work and wonderful artwork! It wil be a thing of beauty… See below for some previews (prelistens) of the EP :

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Release-date ‘Waiting to be spoken to’ announced!

I just received word from Already Dead Tapes that TNC’s first official and physical release will be November 6 ! I’m hugely looking forward to it. Here’s a little preview :

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Some impressions of Set-Off

Here are some impressions of saturday’s event, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Nice people, positive feedback, nice atmosphere, interesting conversations, fantastic afterparty !

Deep droning :

Some pics (click to see them full scale) :

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Live set and next release


Nice things are happening lately. I’ve got some releases coming on, and soon I’ll play a live gig in an inspiring event! Read on…

Yes, next saturday 08/09 I’ll play a live show, set in a magnificent location, as part of a contemporary art exhibition with local artists. The event is called Set-Off, and will take place in an old mechanical mill and warehouse in Leuven, Belgium. Check out the interior (I know, it’s an awfully small picture – click for a bigger view) :

And more : I’m happy to announce that my next release (an EP of about 30 minutes long) will appear in October on the very cool and sympathetic US label Already Dead Tapes & Records. It’ll be titled ‘Waiting to be spoken to’, and it will be my first official (e.g. not self-released) and at the same time first physical release. Dust off your walkman peeps, because it will be on cassette! Stay tuned for more.

And even more : meanwhile, I’m working on an EP which will be digitally released on Xtraplex records. This Belgium-based label has a very fine selection of experimental music, and I’m proud they’re going to release an album of mine. No release-date yet, but my intention is it will be a 2012 release.

This was TNC speaking, have a good day/night.




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